Magnetic locks / B-SAFE EMERGENCY

Anti-panic lock: clearing of public buildings in the event of an emergency  
B-SAFE anti-panic lock is specifically designed to be installed in public buildings requiring an emergency exit:
° private-professional use buildings;
° administration or commercial buildings.

The evacuation of public buildings has very strict rules requiring the following features:
° possibility to easily and quickly open the door in case of emergency;
° possibility to open the door without using a key.
In case of emergency or failure the anti-panic lock allows an easy opening from the inside to the outside, even when the door is locked with a key.

It complies with the EN 179 and EN 12 209 standards for its technical features and fire resistance.

 The B-SAFE lock – now available in cylinder version only - with or without dead bolt, one-key-turn, both in 2 functions: •double handle •handle+knob. 
*While ordering, please specify the side of the anti-panic function following the diagram above.




  • silence and fluidity during opening and closing cycle of the door
  • design: the side of the door is completely smooth
  • oxidation resistance
  • safety for children: no risks of crushing
  • reliability: only a few moving elements
  • no maintenance required
  • front plate width: 18, 20 and 24 mm
  • backset: 55, 60 and 65 mm





55 - 60 - 65 mm



latch and bolt one turn key


double handle

handle + knob

Front plate

height: 235 mm

width: 18 - 20 - 24 mm

thickness: 3 mm


handle: 8 mm


PZ: 72 mm


steel or stainless steel   


Maximum distance recommended between leaf and frame

4 mm


polished chrome

satin chrome

matt black

polished brass

satin stainless steel

On demand

square edge front plate